16 December 2009

Cool Rules

To my surprise, this winter-white kitchen lifts my mood in these daylight-challenged months. The graceful light fixtures soothe the relative busyness of the island's base. Deliberately undersized door and drawer pulls painted to match the cabinets maintain the visual composure, as do the matte finishes. Even the frosted windows, with their icy allusion, speak more of brightness than briskness. plainenglishdesign.co.uk


  1. Plain English stays at home, so if you want one of their kitchens (and who wouldn't) then you'll have to move to England. Normally — I can't help it, it's just who I am — I find "country kitchens" pretentious. So, I looked at their site ready to proclaim this particular example nothing more than the proverbial exception that proves the rule. If it hadn't been for your wintery commentary, I wouldn't have done even that. The outcome was that I fell utterly in love with kitchen after kitchen. The Yorkshire barn even has hints of high tech about it. Is it possible I've been wrong? Or, are they just the best? I may have looked in the wrong place, but I did not find your selection on their site. I was expecting an AGA cooker. Bright and brisk. Another wonderful post.

  2. I'm glad you found pleasure in the Plain English site, evanjones. Music to a blogger's ears—or something like that!

  3. I completely agree, the kitchens on their site are beautiful. We've been saving up for almost a year now so we can have a bespoke kitchen designed but we still don't have enough money. However in the mean time, I love spending time online looking at all the beautiful kitchen designs there are. I've already bookmarked a few of my favourites, and some are from this blog. Until we have enough money, I'll keep looking and try to take inspiration from where I can find it!

  4. Follow your inspirations, Bespoke Kitchens, and best of luck in your renovation!

    I'm glad you enjoy KBCULTURE, and thanks for reading.


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