17 December 2009

Spanish Ayes

Two stylistic cross-currents make it tricky to peg the nature of this bath at first, but break it down into components and its design heritage becomes evident. The equipale chair, encaustic tiles and wrought-iron ring pulls give it a Latin flair. Effective foils to an overt hacienda look are the contemporary vessel sinks and sleek mirrors. karamann.com


  1. I'm trying to decide if you think up the titles and then look for pictures or post pictures only if you can come up with a clever title. This one works on so many levels. LOL, as they say. It's a bit like those Happy Face buttons with rotated equals sign for eyes.  Aye, yi, yi!

  2. The picture always comes first, evanjones. Anything else is pure kismet.

    Thank you for reading and writing.


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