Baby Versus Bathwater

Thanks to the exhibit at MoMA, I've spent enough time in vintage kitchens this week, so for Flashback Friday it's into the bathroom. This perky 1960 ad turns the tables on the cleanliness-equals-white formula, promoting pink [or, as the manufacturer called it, 'Peachblow'] fixtures as both hip and wholesome. I'm amused by the 'bathroom emancipation' appeal made to parents as part of the sales pitch.

While the Dynametric tub is still in the Kohler catalogue, Peachblow was retired in 1973, after nearly a 40-year run. Kohler features an interesting color timeline on its website, where you can chart the longevity of such hues as Suez Tan, Black Black [not a typo] and my fave, Pink Champagne.