By Popular Request: Books

Two of my favorite books, and one that shows promise: A new topic category debuts on KBCULTURE. Stafford Cliff has long had a way with both words and images, and his Home paved the way for 'The Selby' and its rumpled, unstyled brethern. Right-Sizing Your Home, the latest title by domestic doyenne Gale Steves, reinforces the notion that Smaller is Better—and smarter, too. Not yet released, Staging Space is the most oblique of these three volumes, examining art installations, event architecture, exhibition design and other creative environments; it's venues such as these that may influence upcoming trends.

Since everything in the world is easily available through Amazon, in the interest of editorial integrity [I know—it's a vanishing concept], I am going to refrain from posting direct links to any books I feature here. You know how to find them, and I hope that you do so—you won't be disappointed.