30 September 2010

That's a Wrap

The foil/wrap organizers on the market are commonly more hindrance than help in a busy kitchen; they're often flimsy, they take up more room than the narrow rectangular boxes themselves occupy, and the rare cutting device is clumsy—I'm thinking about round-tipped scissors here—to operate. This Orga-Line accessory is the way to go. Plastic wrap sticks to the metal dispenser rod, so it pulls out cleanly and evenly. A simple slide of the cutter and all is done. Afterwards, the rod keeps the free edge of the plastic from reattaching itself [grrr!] to the roll. If this isn't genius, it's mighty close. blum.com


  1. I appreciate the amount of thought it took on the part of the designer to develop this ultimately simple product. Glad you appreciate it, too, CLLH.

    Thank you for your comments.


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