16 February 2011

Not Normal

Even though my personal tastes are more forward than this kitchen would suggest, I find several aspects of its design genuinely delightful. The oval opening in the wall, of course, is happily off-center, even as it plays a practical role in channeling light and views from the adjacent room. I like the spaciousness of the extra-wide aisle between the sink and the parallel wall of cabinets; it adds an unexpected push to the floor plan of the kitchen. Finally, the potential for monkeying with the counterweights of the pendant lights—deliberately misaligning them—would be too fun a temptation to resist.


  1. Leslie, those lights are outstanding. I used something very similar on a project a couple years ago. The nook off the kitchen was used as for breakfast as well as yoga. Adjusting the height of the light was essential. The only issue came when the grandchildren arrived and thought the lights were fun to "play" with.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience with lighting the yoga space, Arne; if a fixture isn't on dimmers, moving the light source itself [as you did] would be the best way to control the illumination level and—perhaps more importantly, in your case—the angle of the light.

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