On, Of and Off the Wall

Although the parade of disparate lighting fixtures presents a bit of a distraction, such a curious cabinet treatment prompts a closer look at this kitchen. For me, there's an element of intrigue to the doors, in the way the familiar linear layout has been disregarded—their random positioning offers no contextual clue as to what's behind their solid fronts. The peep-hole finger-pulls only add to the mystery.

I suspect something's amiss when it comes to the lights in the foreground. Doesn't the one at the far end of the table appear unusually white, with no nuance in the tone? And there's certainly no need to install a pendant fixture in that location. Given how the rest of the kitchen has been quite carefully structured, I must wonder if the Photoshop elves have been up to no good, perhaps attempting to disguise an element on the cabinet wall that displeased them.

Just a guess.