20 January 2010

Aesthetic Essentials

Ah, the simple life. The Zero 200 mini-kitchen, minimalist as it is, strikes me as entirely fulfilling. In a guest house or pied-á-terre it would be more than serviceable, but it would be a shame not to enjoy its confident proportions and elegant features on a daily basis. xeraonline.com


  1. I totally agree, but this is only a portion of the kitchen. There's still the wine cooler, the refrigerator, the espresso machine, the oven and microwave, though they're just as stunning. Paring down to absolute essentials is an art. I've never liked kitchens that thought they should be galleries for collections of nicknacks or meaningless appliances. Of course, you have to be careful what you say about people's kitchens. Chefs and well trained auto mechanics work in similar ways. They have the tools on hand for the job at hand and little else. When they're done, they put things away. I'm sure there's a larger sink tucked discretely away in this kitchen, a dishwasher or at least a drain board and a shelf for an electric tea kettle and a canister or two, but you have to know what you really need and exactly where to stop. They have really achieved something here. I'll be dreaming about stainless steel tonight.

  2. Beautiful indeed.
    Who in the States makes stainless steel like this?

  3. @evanjones—With a bit of effort, i think it would be possible to integrate a mini-fridge in this unit, but the oven would need to be relgated to elsewhere in the room. you are right; nothing is perfect. I appreciate your comments.

    @Anonymous—The steel units that are produced in the US are less design-oriented than this one. Look at dwyerkitchens.com and summitappliances.com for utilitarian but complete mini-kitchens.
    Thanks for reading.

  4. I wasn't diminishing it. It's perfect. On their site they show the rest of the kitchen, including the things I mentioned. What you posted is the island unit, not the complete kitchen. The rest of the appliances are against the wall among dark wood shelves, and very nicely done. What they do not show is the main sink and dishwasher, probably because they don't make sinks and dishwashers, but I'd guess they're just out of sight. What I meant by "this is only a portion of the kitchen" was not that it's incomplete, but that the rest of the kitchen is elsewhere. Even so, it's absolutely beautiful.

  5. In other words, this isn't a mini-kitchen.

  6. Or a mini-kitchen, if you prefer, but not all of it. Now I'll be quiet. I promise.


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