07 January 2010

Flattering Form

The flatness of this faucet certainly makes it stand out. 'Cut' is the name of the collection of fittings, in which conventional pipe-like plumbing is reduced to visually provocative slices. Adding to the drama is the chrome-and-matte black combo finish. rubinetterie3m.it


  1. Everything in the 3M Modern line has a delightful sense of geometry about it. You find the most wonderful things. I'm concerned, however, that this particular faucet seems emphatically right-handed. I'm right-handed, so I'd have no problem, but lefties represent about 13% of the population. A few of them might find this offensive.

  2. Ah, this is a burden that lefties have long borne. I wish there was a more equitable solution.

    Thanks again for your comments, evanjones!


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