15 January 2010

Friday Flashback

May I suggest an asbestos shroud?

Wait—maybe I'm being too quick to judge this 1966 ugly duckling of an appliance. It does sport some redeeming functional features. The eye-level controls, for one; they're easier to reach than many of today's back-panel designs. And the warming shelf would prove quite handy, I'm sure. But that color, those coils and the alarmingly flimsy 'wood' handle: the Gallery range lays an aesthetic goose-egg.


  1. You know, I can't remember a time when you just sort of said it like that. Bad Tappan!

  2. But their ads were so very fine.

    I think I was provoked by the use of the word 'beautiful.' Better to say 'amazing', 'ingenious,' or 'groovy'.... Just not 'beautiful'.

  3. OMG - we had this color refrigerator when I was growing up - awwww the much maligned avocado days of the '70's

  4. Just remember Leslie, that warming shelf was likely the ONLY set-down space near the range in many a 1966 kitchen; and thus appreciated by many a cook. Amazing how things change in just 44 years.

  5. @carrie leber: Ah yes, the earth-tone days. Thanks for your comment.

    @Peggy Deras: Your point is well taken; where shall we be in 2054, I wonder? Cooking itself may be history. Thank you for reading.


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