18 January 2010

Tip Topsy

In a typical vanity design, it would be the stone slab that supports the sink; the porous, water-sensitive wood would be used as shelving below. The Latis vanity, though, turns that formula upside down to a most pleasing effect. omvivo.com


  1. It really works. My mother taught me never to mix black and brown. Here that rule is decidedly broken. There's even some of your favorite olive green. Fortunately, there's no stove in this bathroom/powder room. Together it's all very rich, I think. The wood has probably been plasticized. Very clever of you to have caught the reversal of wood and marble. The first thing I noticed was the economy and balance of elements, and the black and brown. Another wonderful selection.

  2. Thank you for your comments, evanjones. If I was adept with PhotoChop, I would change the color of the towels...ha!


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