01 January 2010

Power Center

Imagine the disappointment, the anger, the shame: Had you been gifted with a complete collection of small appliances this holiday [or had you been in 1957, the year of this ad] and excitedly plugged them all in at once, only to plunge the house into darkness by having overloaded a circuit. With two integral outlets and three retractable cords, this centralized power panel promised to do away with that threat. The most genteel homemaker is so utterly entranced by the product that I don't think there's a basis for the 'blown fuse' double entendre.

Let's hope for as happy a new year, shall we?


  1. And a Happy New Year to Leslie and kbculture.

    People certainly don't dress to cook like they used to. It was perpetual summertime in 1957. You're right about genteel. But the appliances themselves haven't changed much. Though hardly anyone perks coffee anymore, the frying pan, the toaster and the waffle maker seem contemporary enough. (We need more waffles in the world.) But the thing in the middle, is it a deep frier, a soup maker? It's not a rice cooker, because they didn't exist yet. It matches nothing in my 50s memory banks. Popcorn makers were a big deal back then — we saw popcorn coming out of a stove a few months ago — though I doubt she's making popcorn. Any ideas?

  2. I'm stumped by the same item, evanjones. It's too fragile to be a pressure cooker, isn't it? I'm thinking popcorn—a tasty side dish for whatever is in the electric skillet.


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