29 March 2010

Conflict Resolution

The pragmatist in me is huffing and puffing about adjacent set-down space and reckless backsplash treatment. The aesthete in me is politely swooning over the simplicity and directness of this raw yet polished installation. Score: Aesthete 1, Pragmatist, 0.


  1. It seems like you didn't quite resolve your conflict. I saw a narrow U-shaped kitchen not long ago with parallel counters and a stove, not unlike this one, at the bottom of the U. It had empty space on either side of perhaps two feet, maybe more, and a hood that stretched almost the width of the room. On their own, such stoves seems proud and competent. Squeezed into a counter space, they always seem overweight and uncomfortable. The kitchen I saw, if you can imagine it, was a 1:1.

  2. If standards on both sides of the equation are high, I'm often comfortable with a draw.

    Your comments are always appreciated, Evan Jones.


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