01 March 2010

Efficiency Unit

The back-to-back configuration of the Showerbasin occupies a neat 1600mm x 830mm footprint [that's 63 inches x 33 inches, give or take a smidge]. Features not evident in the photo include a defogger and light for the mirror. A space-saving design in principle, I think in practice its success would be somewhat dependent on the location of that third necessity in the bath: the commode. roca.com


  1. I went on the Roca site and could not locate this showerbasin. Do you know how I can inquire about pricing and availability? This would be so perfect for my small space that I would like to convert into a second bath.

  2. Try this: http://www.roca.com.es/novedades2010/#/catalogue Anonymous. And good luck with your project.


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