04 March 2010

Rocking the Boat

It seems to me that a lot of wooden bathtub designs are a visual riff on a culturally classic form [ofuro, anyone?], or a 'playful' variant of a dinghy. I like the Day tub because it doesn't follow those conventions; it is subdued, modern and original. plavisdesign.it


  1. I just so worry that the wood....well, will act llke wood over time and start to show wear. I hesitate on some of the cool wood sinks because of this.....

  2. Your readership is so sophisticated. Not a single crack about splinters. I agree with you about subdued, modern and original. However, their website is something out of the Middle Ages. No thumbnails. In order to see Abby, All, Ant, Dave, Dot… or even find out what sorts of products they are, you have to download entire pdf documents. I can't imagine who has the endurance to find out about Neil, Nextstep, Stan, Up, and Wait. Wait. I skipped to that one. It's a chair.

  3. @ details and Design: This tub is made from a marine-grade wood, so hopefully it wouldn't wear too badly too quickly.

    @ Evan Jones: I share your frustration with the catalog downloads. This practice is now epidemic, and I feel it places an unfair burden on visitors to sites.

    Thanks to you both for your comments


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