02 March 2010

Dual Force

Range hoods always present an opportunity to do something bold in kitchen design, whether it's through introducing a contrasting color, unusual form or a change-up in material to the space. This installation impresses me with an unexpected possibility—that of scale. In a large room without competing wall cabinets, it's reason enough to do a double-take. schiffini.it


  1. I like the look but I'd probably try to to fabricate a custom stainless steel hood with a single insert and a remote blower that met the CFM needs. I'd also add extra lighting on a dimmer.

  2. I'm with you on the lighting, Ann Porter. Dimmers Rule.

    It looks like the cooking hobs are the flip-over units from Alpes Inox; perhaps the idea is to add or remove them at will, thus accounting for the back-to-back hoods?

    Thank you for reading & commenting.


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