10 July 2012

If You Can't Stand the Heat...

With the experience of our recent heat wave [dare I say] seared into my mind, it's little wonder I'm on the lookout for ways to get out of the kitchen. This compact Japanese brazier, called a konro, is made of clay and fueled with charcoal. I can imagine setting it on a picnic table, and tossing grilled morsels onto cool-from-the-garden salads. korin.com


  1. Just passing through harvesting your stuff to post on pinterest. Never thought I would see something I have, but here it is. It's a very primal eat as you cook type of experience with all diners participating much like fondue.
    PS: I worked for John briefly in the 80's
    Chris Lee

    1. Hi, Chris—
      If you'd like to get ahold of John, please drop me an email thru the 'Contact KBCULTURE' button, and I'll put the two of you in touch.

      Glad you enjoy the blog, and thanks for reading.