30 July 2012

See Breezy

I've always thought that a house sited on the water [the 'cottages' of Newport notwithstanding] should have a kick-off-your-shoes ambiance to them. But perhaps this view is unbalanced, as it pigeonholes coastal residences as vacation homes—which is definitely not the case for many, if not most, of the houses in question. Yet it's still possible to inject a working family kitchen with a getaway feel: witness this wood floor painted in a tropical green.


  1. Wowser Leslie, this photo made my day! Just love the whole feeling. My heart is at the beach, you see. Also drooling over the green floor.

    1. So glad you like it, Gloria. That green-print fabric window shade plays a subtle part in this room, too.

      Thanks for reading, and take care.