30 October 2009

Future Shocking

The eerie lighting, the comely female poking eviscerated animals with a pronged instrument..surely a macabre Halloween ritual, circa 1943. But no! It is part of the kitchen of the future, as envisioned by H. Creston Doner for the Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass company. Given the corporate sponsor, the role of glass in the design is understandably emphasized; surely the public was amazed at the prospect of cooking tasty little carcasses inside what resembles nothing so much as a toppled fish tank.

Witchcraft, to be sure.


  1. Makes your mouth water. She'd be almost ninety today. I think that's about twenty-five in witch years — comely indeed — assuming she wasn't a hundred already. What spells did she have in mind, I wonder, for the Peach Preserves and Fruit Cocktail? Scary.

  2. Hadn't heard of H. Creston Doner, but I think I'll pursue him. He was born in Nevada, Ohio, which seems as strange to me as discovering that Miami University is Oxford — Oxford, Ohio. Maybe all the good namers moved to Dayton, California. It seems like I learn something every day on your site, especially on Fridays.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Evan.
    I, too, learn things from doing this—a happy benefit of working on something one really enjoys.


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