20 October 2009

Toeing the Waters

The seating alcove in the Utuwa tub gives the bather a comfortable perch from which to engage in pursuits better suited to dry-dock—such as reading—without the perils of splashing or slipping under the water.
[Letting my curiosity get the better of me, I looked for a definition or translation for utuwa. It is a word in the Pogolo language (spoken by an ethnic group in Tanzania) and means 'measure' or 'size'. And so it is.] spiritual-mode.com


  1. スピリチュアルモードが目指すデザイン浴槽。機能美と実用性を兼ね備えたその新しい浴槽は、これまでの概念を一掃しています。新感覚のデザインバススタイルをご覧ください。

  2. Seriously, though, it looks like you could have a bathing assistant with this tub. Or, mothers could bathe their small children without the back­breaking need to crouch down on their knees the whole time. Also, it's so not right that it's fascinating to look at. I'm sure my sub­con­scious is still working on it. Wonderful.

  3. The idea of a bathing assistant is positively decadent.
    I had wholly expected to find that 'utuwa' is a Japanese word, given the manufacturer of the tub.
    Thank you for reading and commenting, Evan.

  4. And none more decadent than the French, or so they say. The Utuwa tub showed up on blog déco design Le must have de la décoration et du design en ligne shortly after you posted. The title — "Baignoire Utuwa, pour être à deux dedans?" Et voilà! The first thing they came up with.


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