27 October 2009

Vertical Vitreous

In the spirit of BathroomBlogfest09, I'm pleased to offer this installation in China. And of china—ten thousand commodes were suspended on a wall 328 feet long and 16 feet high, then periodically flooded with water. Is it art or commerce? I'll leave that up to you, the beholders.


  1. Call me cranky, but I think this is why God gave us Photoshop, so even the Chinese could say, "Wouldn't it be kind of interesting if…" without having to find 10,000 actual commodes.

  2. I wonder if the china toilets were new or used and slated for donation or sale once disassembled?

    Because I am terminally prosaic, I don't admire Guinness Book of Records type installations that pass themselves off as art and get noticed and admired because nobody has thought of doing them before.


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