26 October 2009

A Noir Boudoir

Even if it weren't the week of All Hallow Even, I'd still be drawn to this dark, dramatic bath. The crown molding and the chandelier are incongruous accessories to the somber palette and massive tub.

On another note entirely, I'd like to call your attention to BathroomBlogfest09, where several folks with varied interests in the world of toilets and tubs are posting some far-ranging items. Follow the fest on its Facebook page and Twitter account.


  1. Stunning, but in my house, it would stay this pristine for perhaps ten seconds. While the tub's silhouette is superb, I prefer a tub that may not be as stunning, but with a bit of a lip on which I can place a cup of coffee and a book.

  2. @C.B.: Oh, I agree. Thank you for reading.

    @Jeanne: I have never been successful at reading while tubbing. Your advice is well taken. Thanks for reading!

  3. The white marble crypt is a nice touch. The perfect Halloween bathroom. In fact, it's in the Paris apartment of an unnamed American television producer in Angelika Taschen's New Paris Interiors. As might be guessed, the entire apartment is done in an unusually austere black and white. There is just a hint of color in the fireplace and the painting above it. Blue sky and rooftops peek through the windows, but only when the curtains aren't tightly drawn. A black painting in front of a black leather Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair turns out to be (what else) a television. So, when it's on, the apartment is bathed in bluish flickering color. The architect, Joseph Durand, has a decidedly gallic sense of humor. He placed the crystal chandelier and Venitian mirror (not shown) in the bathroom to act as "a negative to the rest of the apartment." Maybe it is a crypt after all.


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