19 November 2009

Design Current/s

There's a paradox presented by this prototype. 'Panay: The Bath-Island', is a promising study for a self-contained washing station, replete with tub, sink and shower. But an island is surrounded by water; this concept is a vessel to hold water. I hope to see more from the designers, an Austrian duo called undpartner[punkt]at. undpartner.at


  1. Lori Dolnick20 November, 2009

    WOW! That's so cool. And yet strangely I keep thinking of the movie the FLY. :)

  2. Why the Fly?
    I haven't seen that film, Lori.
    Thanks for following KBCULTURE.

  3. Here's a picture that might give you pause. It's an island that contains water as well as being surrounded by it. From Wikipedia.

  4. Jeff Goldblum in The Fly (1986). He's in a telepod that looks something like the Bath-Island (only more hi-tech) preparing to "beam" himself to another pod. A house fly buzzes in and the two become mixed. It's a lot funnier today than it was then, but the pod's still nice. Lori has a really good eye for old movies.

  5. Many thanks for the clarification and the lagoon. Beautiful.


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