03 November 2009

Spot On

The Brits have a knack for merging pedigree with Pop [remember the grating slogan 'Cool Britannia'?]. And they've done it again with this Aga range that's been decked out in polka dots. A collaboration with designer Emma Bridgewater, the limited edition marks the manufacturer's 300th anniversary. aga-ranges.com


  1. It gives "dotty" a slightly new meaning. I wasn't in the market for a polka dot range, thought it's terribly cute. It must have been a big success, because it's no longer available. It's not listed at Aga and no longer listed at Emma Bridgewater. But she still has Black Toast, Pink Hearts, Flowers, Birds, Robin, Union Jack, Saltire, Starry Skies, White Toast, Men At Work, Dancing Mice, Dinosaur, Gymkhana, Hellebore, Auricula, Happiness, Polka Hearts, Figs, Wiveton Veg, Kitchen Garden, Pumpkin, Christmas Star, Speckled Hen, Cross And Spot, Tulips, Nice Dream, Kittens At Play, and Matthew Rice to fall back on. So, maybe next time.


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