02 November 2009

Uploading a Look

If the selection at the local tile showroom doesn't thrill you, the accommodating folks at Glass Decor will transfer the jpeg of your choice onto glass mosaics. A close-up of olives on the backsplash or thunderclouds in the shower enclosure? The possibilities are interesting, to say the least. glassdecor.es


  1. What they need now is a really good graphic designer with architectural connections. The concept is limitless, but their examples, while good, are less than stellar. They need to take people by the hand. A few prominent walls would do that. I find myself dreaming of the possibilities.

  2. You are quite right, Evan. One need only see what Dominic Crinson produces as standard products to envision what could be.

  3. Dominic Crinson is a one man circus. Perfect choice. They should be standing on his doorstep with their technology in hand.


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