16 November 2009

See Worthy

Submariner style has surfaced. The Porthole tub can play it cute [painted yellow, it's a knowing nod to the Beatles] or quirky [finished in black, it's a funky steampunk statement]. The choice is yours—whatever look floats your boat. watermonopoly.com


  1. Cute.
    And our friends are all aboard,
    Many more of them live next door,
    And the band begins to play.

  2. On the date of this post in 1963, the Beatles taped their performance for The Jack Paar Show.

    And the band plays on.

  3. I saw The Men Who Stare at Goats last night and my 60s are still vibrating. Why am I not surprised that such a clever tie-in lurked in the background of your post? The Beatles were indeed taped on November 16, 1963, but they were not actually taped for Jack Paar. NBC, CBS and ABC all taped portions of the Beatles' concert in Bourne­mouth that day, using local film crews. A clip aired on The Jack Parr Program in January. Wikipedia disputes this. They say the clip was leased from the BBC. Either way, it was the hysterical girls and then the funny haircuts that attracted their attention. In fact, Walter Cronkite ran the CBS footage on the Evening News weeks before Jack Paar. It's where Ed Sullivan learned about them. They were set to run with the story on the 22nd of November, when they could cleverly tie the story to the release date of the Beatles' second UK album, but something else happened. When one remembers or considers or thinks carefully about the Beatles, as you obviously have, the tie-ins and connections multiply. Ours may be the future, but can we ever not believe in yesterday?


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