27 April 2010

Artfully Composed

The Tara series of fittings is known for its precise proportions. I find this image of the latest addition to the collection—a three-hole, wall-mount faucet—most enjoyably off-center. Tweaking the installation by setting both handles off to one side demonstrates that there is indeed order in disorder. dornbracht.com


  1. Big fan of the asymmetry; equipoise indeed! A small design facet I like to employ with my concrete tops - place the (single-hole)faucets at the 10:30 or 1:30 position, simple but highly effective. Setting the controls off to one side as you have posted delivers even more impact... looking forward to working that into a layout.

  2. It is good to color outside the lines, so to speak.

    Thank you for your comments, Rich Holschuh.


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