28 April 2010

Off-Kilter Kitchen

Once again, I've got to hand it to my subconscious: The focus of the past few days on lopsided designs has been strictly inadvertent. But it's been fun, so let's continue to mine that vein with these appealingly primitive cabinets and worktables. The Mint collection doesn't look like it would withstand the demands of a busy kitchen, but as a starter set, it would be fine. Cooking is, after all, an out-of-the-box endeavor. rauzas.com


  1. If your Latvian is rusty, the Mint Light Living line has a beautiful English language site here. It strikes me as being Case Study for the 21st century. I've had it bookmarked for several months. Unfortunately, it's available only in Europe. Anyway, paldies par dalīšanu.

  2. And thank you for sharing that link, Evan Jones. I've always wanted to visit Latvia. Seriously. Visu labu!


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