12 April 2010

Counter Claimed

The Tuga basin and vanity is perfect for those who just can't have enough counter space in the bath. Pushing the sink physically off the side of the cabinet is a slightly hilarious solution to the problem of how to keep all those daily grooming essentials within reach. www2.antoniolupi.it


  1. I agree - slightly hilarious

  2. @tina lekas miller: I'm especially impressed with how the supply/drain lines are concealed.

    @ClarityK [Sarah]: And slightly ingenious!

    Thank you both for your comments.

  3. It also compromises in an area we've previously discussed. It has a right-handed faucet to go with a left-handed counter. Two hands, one sink. I'm not sure it's hilarious, but it's certainly fun. I like it.

  4. On Thursday, I depart for the US kitchen/bath industry show [Chicago's KBIS versus Milan's Eurocucina? NO CONTEST. {I lie}.] I shall bring your sinister concerns to plumbing manufacturers, and will report on their response.

    Thank you for reading and writing, Evan Jones.


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