13 April 2010

Two Hot

Oh, I like this a lot. Two induction zones at the front of the cooktop, a trio of gas burners at the rear—such a great way to reap the indisputable benefits of induction cooking without giving up the open flame. I came across this inventive appliance on KitchenAid's UK website; let's hope that it makes the crossing to the States one of these days. kitchenaid.co.uk


  1. I'm curious to know how you would divide up your cooking chores having both in the same place. Usually, people adapt to one or the other full-time out of necessity, or make due with electric coils — some, I suppose, with flames or hot zones like that huge Italian stove you featured a while back. What's the KBC solution?

  2. Good to hear from you, Evan Jones! I hope all is well.

    As an early adopter mired in old habits, I would use the induction burners for the timeless task of boiling H2O—something I do fairly frequently. [BTW, I do not use a microwave.] The gas burners, I imagine, would still fuel my 'real' stovetop cooking.

    And therein is something at the heart of innovation: The notion of authenticity, a subject that is never far from my heart and mind. Why should it matter how one cooks, with fire or with over-excited electrons? In truth, such a question is borne of privilege, I believe.

    But, of course, I am open to discussion—anything to assuage my guilt. [insert ironically smiley icon].


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