06 April 2010


It's what you don't see that makes an otherwise innocuous sink an aesthetic standout. That ugly, grime-grabbing ring around the drain opening is gone, vanquished by a seamless design that yes, does accommodate food-disposer installations. A manufacturing challenge, to be sure, but one I believe has been very well met. seamlesssink.com


  1. The thing about perfection is, the moment we've seen it, five minutes later we expect nothing less. I just looked at my perfectly good sink and was appalled.

  2. Ain't it the truth?

    Thank you for soldiering on, Evan Jones.

  3. I so love the simple designs in life. What an impact this design has on sink design!

  4. And hooking up the drain line has been simplified, too, Laurie. Just a mighty C-clamp.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


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