31 January 2011

Back to Basics

Used with intelligence and restraint, a limited materials palette can make a vivid impression. A sensitive combination of lacquer, stone and wood gives this simple kitchen character beyond generic modern. While the design wouldn't be mistaken for being cutting-edge, it's hardly ordinary. My favorite detail: the dense, omni-directional swirls of the stone, which keep the eye moving around the otherwise boxy space. gregnatale.com


  1. The minimal pallete look is really good. Kind of a mute look to your kitchen. Mute yet trendy look!

  2. I agree, MTJ: It's a calm look, but not boring.

    Thanks much for reading and commenting.

  3. Thanks for this good reminder. We have to remember that the more simple and streamlined our designs become, the more the wood grain and granite swirls become the decoration.

  4. Nature is a wholly original designer, indeed.

    I appreciate your observation, Gloria.


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