10 January 2011

No Place Like Home

In light of the sad and senseless events in Arizona, I'm finding it difficult to natter on about cabinets or bathtubs. I do believe architecture can inspire and comfort, and I find these qualities in our own kitchen. The window glass is selectively etched to obscure the harsh reality of a neighboring structure; the clear panes, in an outreach to nature, frame a birdhouse.

Shelter for the soul.


  1. Leslie, This is a particularly comforting post, in view of both the recent tragedy in Arizona and the wintry prospect that meets our everyday existence in January. Your own kitchen offers the ample light we seem to crave this time of year and the steps and the tulips suggest optimism that spring is not too far away. Thanks. I needed that.

  2. wendywinn, I shall say the same about your observation about the tulips and the advent of spring: Thanks, I needed that!

    And thank you for reading.


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