Through the Looking-Glass

No beautiful soup, cakes, or mushrooms in this fridge—a condition that would certainly derail the plot of Lewis Carroll's wondrous tale. Philco's taming of the subversive story is itself absurd, although given what the 1948 populace had recently endured, I can understand the impulse to put a positive spin on things. My favorite feature [a sentiment apparently shared by Tweedledee and/or -dum] of the refrigerator is the Conservador, the swinging, clear plastic shelf unit that would eventually migrate to the inside of the door.

[Next week I'll be attending the LivingKitchen trade show in Cologne, and visiting the design and manufacturing facilities of Blanco, which kindly invited me to tag along on this trip. No rabbit-holes involved, I trust. I'll be sure to share my experiences in upcoming posts.]